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Sunday, May 1

Membership Matters

Dee Goodale-Mikosz, LCSW

Salary Survey Underway

Some of the questions most often repeated when we pick up the phones at the NASW Chicago office are “I’m beginning the search for a new job. What can I expect to receive in a salary?” “I’m a recent graduate. What can I expect in a salary as I begin the interview process for social work positions?” “I’m bidding on a position at my place of employment. This is the salary range. Is it accurate?” or, “I’m getting a promotion. This is the salary that has been quoted to me. Is it on target?” These are all good, realistic questions when social workers are making or contemplating a job change and need the most up-to date information available.

 Our last salary survey in which 339 of our members participated was published in the December 2001/January 2002 Social Work Networker using a paper tear-out. The results of that survey were compiled through the summer and fall of that year. After all the findings were verified, the results were published one year later in the December 2002/January 2003 edition.

 The responses from members to that survey were generally positive. Data lasts only so long and is now three years old. We need your help, once again, to compare where we were then to where we are now. Have salary ranges stayed the same or has there been an increase or decrease? The new data will help us provide the best possible information available to both members and non-members when they call seeking answers to their salary questions. The salary survey on page 11 of this edition is identical to the one that appeared in the December 2001/Janauary 2002 issue. That identical status will help us compare/contrast the new data with the data gathered in that first survey.

 A significant difference between this survey and the last is that it will also be available online at http://www.naswil.org so that not only members but non-members will be able to participate. Indeed, we have already alerted members who have a current e-mail address on file that the survey was available and responses have been brisk. The more data we have to work with the better able we will be to provide the answers that you need. We strongly encourage all those willing to participate in the NASW 2005Illinois Chapter Salary Survey to do so online at, once again, www. naswil.org.

 On the national scene, the NASW’s Center for Workforce Studies has just completed a study titled “Assuring the Sufficiency of a Frontline Workforce: A National Study of Licensed Social Workers.” The Preliminary report is out and lists ten key findings including:

1. The social work labor force is older than most professions and occupations.

2. The current social work labor force is expected to decrease significantly over the next two years 

3. The social work labor force is experiencing more transition than originally envisioned.

4. Social workers have experienced increased demands in their work, but decreased resources and supports

5. The profession is not keeping pace with population trends in terms of its ability  to attract social workers of color.

6. A significant number of social workers provides services to older adults and children, both vulnerable populations requiring specialized knowledge and skill.

7. Social work practice areas exhibit considerable variability in terms of social work characteristics, compensation levels and sources, and types of organizational settings.

8. Most social workers are satisfied with their educational preparation and post-degree continuing education or training.

9. Most social workers are satisfied with their compensation packages.

10. MSWs and BSWs report different levels of satisfaction with their experiences in the\ labor markets. Stay-tuned for further updates on this study and be sure to add your statistics to our online Salary Survey at http://www.naswil.org or fill out the Survey on page 11 and mail it in today. Save two pages for a survey and back for the mail-in portion.

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