Brent Diers

Brent Diers

Executive Director, Lutherbrook Child and Adolescent Center


“I’ve been involved with the NASW Illinois Chapter Ethics Committee since 1990. The NASW Code of Ethics serves as a model for professional ethics codes and participating in the Ethics Committee has been a great opportunity to engage in its richness. I especially appreciate that the Code of Ethics is not narrowly focused on rules but instead connects core social work values with the work we do and challenges us to thoughtfully consider how our practice incorporates these values. The Ethics Committee’s role has evolved greatly since I started, from being almost exclusively involved in administering professional review to an increased focus on education and mediation. Best of all, my colleagues on the NASW Illinois Chapter Ethics Committee are a committed and seasoned group that I really enjoy working with.”


Brent Diers, MSW, LCSW, is executive director of Lutherbrook Child and Adolescent Center, a service of Lutheran Child and Family Services of Illinois, where he has worked since 1985. He is a member of the Academy of Certified Social Workers, serves on the American Association of Children’s Residential Centers Board of Directors, and is a peer reviewer with the Council on Accreditation. 

  • 01-25-19

    Northeastern District CEU Event: The Illinois State Budget and Social Service Initiatives (Skokie)

  • 02-01-19

    February 2019 Chapter Board Leadership Meeting

  • 02-11-19

    SOLD OUT! Historical Trauma, Systems, and Social Workers (DePaul Center)

  • 02-21-19

    Older Adults SIG CEU Event: The State of Aging in Chicago’s Black Community (Roseland)

  • 02-27-19

    Chicago District CEU Event: Public Library Social Work (Chicago)

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