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April 2019 - Jane Addams District Update

Patricia Schofield

Hello Jane Addams District 

By now I'm hoping you all are enjoying the first few weeks of our long awaited Spring!  I'm excited to welcome three of our newest NASW members: Tina Marie Carey, Robin Ann Peterson and Ryan Sheehan.   So glad you joined us. 

There are many happenings this month, so as we prepare for our license renewal please check out all the CEU opportunities available at  Being able to aquire a variety of free CEU's is such a great benefit of our membership.  I'm so excited that Jerry Ciffone will be presenting, "Helping clients/students after a workplace shooting or suicide".  Anyone who has attended his workshops in the past knows that he is an expert on this topic and no one should miss this very timely presentation. So plan on spending next Friday April 12th with us from 9-12Noon @ Northwestern Medical Center Kishwaukee Hospital DeKalb, IL Use this link to register: https.//       

Until next time enjoy the spring and don't forget to smell the flowers. 

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