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Ask NASW-IL: I'm a new LSW/LCSW—do I need to start acquiring CEUs yet?

With the removal of the licensing examination as requirement for licensed social workers (LSWs) in Illinois at the beginning of the year, the state has had an unprecedented number of new licensed social workers join the profession in the first six months of this year—almost 3,000 in the first six months compared to 421 for the same time period last year.

With this crop of new LSWs, many are asking themselves what they need to keep their new license as first-time licensed-holders. More specifically: Do I need to start acquiring CEUs for my my first license renewal?

  • If this is your first time renewing your LSW or LCSW, you do not need to accumulate 30 CEUs for licensure, but you will still need to apply for renewal with the Illinois Department of Financial & Professional Regulation (IDFPR).

  • If this is your second or subsequent time renewing: you will need to accumulate CEUs for renewal. For a list of CEU requirements, visit the NASW-Illinois Chapter CEU Requirements webpage.

Additionally, don't forget that the governor waived license renewal fees and initial application fees for frontline healthcare workers—including licensed social workers and licensed clinical social workers—for 2023. This means that many will be renewing for FREE for the next licensure cycle!

For next steps on renewing your license, check out the NASW-Illinois Chapter Licensure Renewal webpage.

Have More Questions? All specific questions concerning licensure and individual licenses or a particular license application needs to be properly directed to IDFPR as they are ultimately the licensing board who approve of licenses for Illinois. The NASW-Illinois Chapter website also has a plethora of information relating to licensure, from supervision requirements, the licensing process, testing procedures, and more. Go to the NASW-IL Licensure page to read more.


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