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December 2019 - Jane Addams District Update

Patricia Schofield, Jane Addams District Chair

Well December has arrived, and the hustle and bustle of the holidays are upon us. There are so many worthy organizations out there that deserve our help—my wish is that they all get their basic needs met so they can continue their necessary missions.

I’m excited to welcome the following people who have joined or renewed membership in our NASW-IL Jane Addams family. Donette Considine, Samuel Denton, David Gorenz, Kayla Grenlund, Matthew Kindler, Eileen Liezert, Allison Mirell, Michael Nelson, Mary Newcomb, Ann O’Klock, James Pugliano, Renita Shores-Gaston, Shawn Stagle, Lisa Stear, Rhonda Williamson-Kettner.

I really enjoy being the District Chair because I get to meet so many fabulous colleagues in our district as well as out of the district. I appreciate all of you and I thank everyone for the support you have provided to meet over this last year. Plans are in the works for two workshops in our district. One in late February the other in mid-March. When all plans are approved and in place you will receive an email filled with the details. Till then, may all of you have holidays filled with love and support.


Patricia Schofield

Jane Addams District Chair

Cell: 309-540-9915

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