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November 2021 - Three Rivers District Update

Updated: Nov 17, 2021

Becka Ross, MSW, LCSW

Three Rivers District Chair

I hope each of you are enjoying the fall season! There are many exciting updates coming your way! ICYMI, Illinois has granted an extension of the license renewal deadline to February 28, 2022. Read more about it here.

While the month of November can bring families together in a meaningful way, it can also be a triggering stressful time for some families, particularly during a pandemic. A unique consideration for the month of November is those struggling with/in recovery of an eating disorder. For additional information on strategies clients can use to cope with Thanksgiving and eating disorders, check out this blog post by the National Eating Disorders Association. Thank you for all you do to continue to advocate for mental health services, and thank you for your membership and commitment to NASW. Your membership allows NASW to provide support and advocate for the important issues that us social workers are managing every day. I’d also like to send a warm welcome to all of our new members!

We held a very successful virtual networking event. I look forward to having regular virtual-for-now networking events to increase the collaboration in our community. Some themes from September’s event:

  1. We are all looking for ways to learn about supports and programs in our community.

  2. We would like to see a more structured events schedule including ‘field trips’ to our district’s mental health support organizations.

  3. There are ways we can celebrate each other and fellow NASW milestones to create a strong sense of community.

  4. Be on the lookout for a survey to gauge interest from Three Rivers District NASW members. By filling out the survey you will help to inform our programing.

Save the Date: Throughout the week of November 15-19, NAMI is spearheading a campaign: REIMAGINE, which will bring together leading organizations to discuss how to create a mental health and suicide crisis response system that works for everyone. Free, virtual events will highlight personal stories and how to coordinate federal and state advocacy efforts to establish and fully fund a crisis response system before 988, a new three-digit number for mental health, substance use and suicidal crises, goes live nationwide in July 2022.


Latest on Licensure Renewal & Telehealth Practice

For more news, go to the NASW-Illinois Chapter News page:

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