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Board of Directors

2023–2024 NASW-Illinois Chapter

Latesha Newson (Vert) - 300x400.png

Latesha Newson,MSW, LCSW
President, 2023–2025


Hilary Edgerly 2023.png

Hilary Edgerly, MSW, LCSW 

Vice-President for Budget and Finance, 2023–2025

LaTasha Roberson-Guifarro 2023 - 300x400.png

 LaTasha Roberson-Guifarro, MSW, LCSW

Secretary, 2022–2024

Anjanette Young - 300x400.png

Anjanette Young, MSW,  LCSW

Member At-Large, 2023–2025

Jennifer Gazda.jpg

Jennifer Gazda,DSW, LCSW, CMC, CDP

Member At-Large, 2022–2024

Vincent Cieslak - 300x400.png

Vincent Cieslak, BA, CDVP, CADC

Graduate Student Representative, 2023–2024

Rayne Stokes 300x400.png

Rayne Stokes

Undergraduate Student Representative, 2023–2024

Samantha Allen 300x400.jpg

Samantha Allen, MSW,  LCSW

Calumet District Chair, 2022–2024

  • Calumet District Chair
Michael Mallory 2024 - 300x400.png

Michael Mallory, MSW, LCSW,

Chicago District Chair, 2020–2022, 2022–2024

  • Chicago District Chair
Melissa Box.jpg


East Central District Chair, 2021–2023,

  • East Central District Chair


Jane Addams District Chair

  • Jane Addams District Chair
Jacki Brunk 300x400.jpg

Jacki Brunk, LCSW

Northeastern Chair, 2022–2023, 2023–2025

  • Northeastern District Chair
Diona Shelton.jpg

Diona Shelton, DSW,  LCSW, CATP, CCTP

Southern District Chair, 2021–2022, 2022–2024

  • Southern District Chair
Roxann Camparone - 300x400.png

Roxann Camparone, MSW, LCSW, CAADC, PCGC, CODP II

Three Rivers District Chair, 2023–2025

  • Three Rivers District Chair
Kimberly Stoerger 2023.jpg

Kimberly Stoerger, MSW

West Central District Chair, 2021–2023, 2023–2025

  • West Central District Chair

"The good we secure for ourselves is precarious and uncertain until it is secured for all of us and incorporated into our common life."
—Jane Addams

Our Mission
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