LSW Professional Social Work Experience

Shall complete 3 years of supervised professional experience subsequent to obtaining the baccalaureate degree. Supervised professional experience is that experience directly related to social work.


The experience shall be:

  1. Obtained under the direct supervision of a certified social worker registered under the Social Workers Registration Act, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Licensed Social Worker, diplomate in clinical social work, designated member of ACSW or other appropriate supervisor as approved by the Board

  2. Satisfactory as evaluated by the supervisor.  The supervisor shall have met with the individual an average of at least 4 hours each month. 

Need a Supervisor?

We have created the NASW-Illinois Chapter Supervisor Registry for your convenience for social work graduates who are looking for a supervisor outside of their current employment.  

Program participants listed in the registry supplied all personal information contained in the following pages. The NASW-Illinois Chapter is not responsible for the accuracy of the information contained in this document. Supervisees should confirm license status with the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation (IDFPR) prior to obtaining supervision. Listing in this document does not denote endorsement or recommendation by the NASW-Illinois Chapter; rather it only indicates that listed social workers meet criteria for inclusion in this registry. Fees or supervision requirements are set by the supervisor; the NASW-Illinois Chapter is not part of that arrangement. ​

How can I be listed in the registry?

Each supervisor listed on the NASW-Illinois Chapter Supervisor Registry must meet both of the following criteria:

  • Successfully complete the four-hour Fundamentals of Clinical Supervision course provided by the NASW-Illinois Chapter (scroll down for current class dates), AND

  • Be a licensed clinical social worker (LCSW) in good standing with IDFPR at the time of listing in the registry.

LCSW Professional Clinical Social Work Experience

Persons holding a master's degree in social work shall have completed 3000 hours of satisfactory, supervised clinical professional experience subsequent to the receipt of the degree, OR


Persons holding a doctorate degree in social work shall have completed 2000 hours of satisfactory, supervised clinical professional experience subsequent to the receipt of the degree


The required number of hours may have been obtained in the following manner:

  • for full-time experience, a minimum of 30 hours per week but not more than 40 hours per week.

  • for part-time experience, a minimum of 15 hours per week but not more than 29 hours per week.

Supervised experience shall be experience directly related to clinical social work practice, i.e., practice experience (non-clerical) consisting of client contact or administrative work directly related to client contact: 

  • Supervisor shall have met with the applicant an average of at least 4 hours each month to discuss client cases and treatment procedures 

  • Only experience supervised by an LCSW will be acceptable to meet the professional experience requirement

  • The experience shall have been evaluated by the supervisor as satisfactory.

  •  An applicant may contract with an LCSW to provide supervision

  •  Supervision may be provided within an agency of employment or outside the agency.

  •  Supervision may be paid or unpaid.

  •  Supervision may be on an individual or group basis.  When group supervision is provided, the number of supervisees may not exceed five.

Becoming a Supervisor

The best way to verify your professional social work supervised experience as directly related to clinical social work practice is to review the Social Work Rules pertaining to Section 1470.20 Professional Experience. 

Do my supervision hours expire?

While the hours of supervision themselves do not expire, the application expires after three years (from the date it is received and entered onto IDFPR's computer system). If a person waited two years after their application expired to reapply, he or she would be told that they need to resubmit all supporting documents, including proof of experience. (Expired applications are generally destroyed after 6 months unless the applicant reapplies before then.)

Can I provide supervision remotely due to current COVID-19 conditions?

Please see our latest updates on 2021 licensure and licensure renewal.

While Illinois does not yet require training for clinical supervisors, the NASW-Illinois Chapter feels it is essential that clinical supervisors learn how to engage most effectively with their supervisees. We have developed a Fundamentals of Being a Clinical Supervisor workshop to address this gap.


Don't see a date below that works with your schedule? Click here to add yourself to the Supervision Course Waiting List for alerts about future trainings. 

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