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From the Pen of the Executive Director: March 2024

Updated: Mar 1

Joel L. Rubin, MSW, LSW, ACSW, CAE

NASW-Illinois Chapter Executive Director

NASW-Illinois Chapter Executive Director, Joel L. Rubin, LSW, ACSW, CAE

Happy Social Work Month! As some of you may not know, Social Work Month was established in 1964 and officially recognized by President Ronald Reagan in 1984. This year’s Social Work Month theme, “Empowering Social Workers! Inspiring Action, Leading Change,” is elevating the importance of social workers deserving better compensation for the important work they do. Learn more about this year’s theme and rationale at:


Related to this year’s theme is the significant amount of energy focused at the NASW-Illinois Chapter on strengthening and diversifying our workforce and breaking down barriers, especially relating to licensure, which ultimately will lead to better compensation and carrier advancement. Our initial work in this area has led to a significant increase in the numbers of licensed social workers (LSWs) in the state, addressing the acute shortage of mental health professionals in the state.


2023 NASW-Illinois Chapter Legislative Awards Announced

Two social work champions, Illinois State Senator Karina Villa and Illinois State Representative Lindsey LaPointe, have been chosen as our 2023 NASW-Illinois Chapter Legislative Awards for their efforts during the 2023 spring legislative session for shepherding legislation that led to the groundbreaking bill which created an alternative to the ASWB clinical exam for clinical licensure. This bill was passed and signed into law by Governor Pritzker last summer.


Get Ready for Private Practice! A free Q&A Panel with NASW-IL

I am pleased to announce that the chapter will be providing a free panel titled, “Getting Ready for Private Practice,” on March 15, 2024, at 8:30am. This hour-long panel is tailored towards both emerging social workers and seasoned social workers looking to jump into private practice. This panel will provide a window to how current private practice clinicians got to where they are and how their diverse social work backgrounds prepared them for the many challenges presented in private practice. Initial panelists include Michael F. Mallory, LCSW, and Anneliese Moy, MSW, LCSW. Complete registration information can be found at:


NASW Board Member Op-Ed in Chicago Tribune

NASW-Illinois Chapter Member At-Large Anjanette Young recently published a powerful op-ed in the Chicago Tribune late last month regarding the violence-related trauma she experienced five years ago. While some changes have been made including requiring a female officer to be present in the execution of a search warrant, Young stated wanting the city to do more, a sentiment echoed in a statement by Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson, saying he was honored to support Young as she continued to push for systemic change. The chapter will continue our own support of Anjanette in her search for justice, namely in the passing of the Anjanette Young Ordinance which would, among other requirements, ban no-knock warrants. Read more about the ordinance here: 


2024 Social Work Advocacy Day - April 16th

As a reminder, 2024 Social Work Advocacy Day is back IN PERSON and taking place on Tuesday, April 16, 2024! This year's Advocacy Day has been restructured to further enhance students and social workers' advocacy skills and ability to lobby directly to elected officials and their staffers.


We’re beginning a new NASW-Illinois Chapter Lobby Leaders Program this year which takes place the day before Advocacy Day. This is a one-day program that will train individuals on effective lobbying techniques, familiarize them with their local state senate and house representatives and other elected officials, and teach how to navigate advocacy tools to effectively represent social work priorities. Complete registration information can be found on our website at


Still time to submit public comments for NASW School Social Work Standards

NASW’s Task Force for School Social Work Practice Standards is seeking public comments for the following document, “Best Practice Standards for School Social Workers.” The document provides a useful set of standards for school social workers seeking specific information related to school social workers. The public may review and submit comments at the following link from February 6 thru March 8, 2024:


Lastly, there is no greater and empowering Social Work Month activity than to vote in the Illinois primaries scheduled for Tuesday, March 19, 2024.


Enjoy the month!

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