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Get Ready to Update Records and Billing with New Nonbinary Gender Option in IL

Approximately four years ago, the NASW-Illinois Chapter joined other Illinois advocates in support of legislation that allowed Illinois residents to select nonbinary (x) as their gender on Illinois state drivers’ licenses and IDs. It is a law change that has already been implemented in other states, and it will likely need to be amended and built upon once Illinois begins implementing it.

As a reminder to all health service professionals, please contact your technology vendors, billing services, and other record keeping tools to ensure they are also prepared for this upcoming implementation as new Illinois Secretary of State Alexi Giannoulias wishes to implement this law as soon as possible.

To ensure your clients have a seamless transition, please reach out proactively to the companies and services you utilize to make sure they also have these measures in place to allow for this important change.

Help us to continue supporting important legislation like this one by becoming an NASW member! Your direct membership supports our advocacy efforts in Springfield which benefit the profession as well as the people you serve!

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