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NASW-IL Advocacy at Work: Governor Signs SB1079, Updating Sexual Harassment Training Requirements

Requirements for the current 2019–2021 licensure cycle have undergone many updates and changes in the last year.

Today, Governor Pritzker signed Senate Bill 1079 (SB1079) into law which

removes redundant rules around the sexual harassment prevention training requirement that affects Illinois social workers for this current cycle.

More About SB1079

SB1079 was an NASW-Illinois Chapter initiative sponsored by two of our social work champions (Sen. Bush and Rep. Cassidy) which removed the license requirement of obtaining one continuing education unit (CEU) in sexual harassment prevention from licensure renewal. This was a requirement that was put into place in addition to current Illinois law that states that every employee in Illinois must take a 1-hour sexual harassment prevention course each year. NASW-IL felt this CEU requirement was redundant and would require Illinois social workers to take two sexual harassment prevention trainings when either one would suffice.

Now that the governor has signed SB1079 into law, social workers will still need to take a sexual harassment training for licensure renewal; however, they are not required to obtain a 1-hour CEU in sexual harassment prevention and instead, they could use a course they took through their work or agency regardless if they are licensed provider or not.

For those who have already taken a sexual harassment training for CEUs, you can still count the training toward their 30 CEU requirement for licensure renewal. If you haven't obtained your sexual harassment prevention training yet, check out the NASW-Illinois Chapter recorded training here.

The support of our members and 2021 Advocacy Day attendees who contacted their state legislators to get this bill passed was essential in getting SB1079 to the governor's desk today. If you want to continue seeing bills like these pass which greatly impact the social work profession, please consider adding strength to our legislative voice by becoming a member today. Find out more about joining NASW here or click here to join.

Want to learn more about 2019–2021 licensure requirements?

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