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NASW-IL Raises Concerns Over SB 1486 “Mace Bill”

NASW-Illinois Chapter membership helps us to push for legislation that benefit Illinois social workers. As the largest membership association in Illinois advocating on behalf of social workers, consider adding your voice to our efforts and join/renew your NASW membership today.

In a continuation of so-called “safety measures” intended to make Illinois caseworkers and social workers more safe, Senate Bill 1486 (SB1486) now provides for child protective investigators to be authorized to carry and use personal protection spray devices, such as mace, pepper mace, or pepper gas, for self-defense purposes while investigating a report of child abuse or neglect. However, what is not addressed by this bill are questions revolving around child and parent safety, reporting, and use of force if this bill goes to the governor for signature. Read more of our raised questions and concerns about the bill here.

The NASW-Illinois Chapter raises concerns around Senate Bill 1486 and strongly encourages legislators to address some of our concerns about safety through amendments.

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