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NASW Illinois MyNASW Community

Introducing the new NASW Illinois MyNASW Community

Back in 2012, the chapter created a Private Practice Shared Interest Group (SIG) discussion board that was hosted via Google Groups. The group became a quickly valuable resource to both experienced and new clinicians alike. Group discussions revolved around a variety of topics including common billing questions, insurance reimbursement issues, common resource-sharing, and more.

In 2018, the national office launched the new MyNASWcommunity. This new online community is exclusively offered to NASW members with the same aim of sharing ideas and resources, discuss challenges, post questions, connect with other NASW members nationally, and more.

This fall, the chapter took part in a pilot program in creating a new discussion group, NASW Illinois, within the MyNASW Community. The NASW Illinois community is geared specifically toward the topics and interest of all Illinois members. This new community allows for REAL-TIME discussion of topics relating to social work. The Private Practice SIG Google Group was transitioned to the new community in September 2019, and this month, we are opening up the community to all NASW-Illinois Chapter members. Recent topic included scholarships for graduate-level social work students, meeting with legislators about mental health legislation, referrals for "pet-friendly social workers," billing services, and more.

We want YOU to join the conversation!

To log into the new NASW Illinois MyNASW Community:

  1. Go to:

  2. Click on the red 'Join' button, and join the conversation!

Click around to see what current discussions are happening, add your voice to a thread, or click on the 'Library' to view the latest "NASW-Illinois Chapter Supervisor Registry."

We hope to see you soon over at our new community for Illinois members!

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