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Project Parachute: Pro Bono Therapy for COVID-19 Frontliners

NASW-Illinois Chapter

For those who are searching for ways they can volunteer their services to those serving on the frontlines of the current COVID-19 crisis, below is a volunteer opportunity for those who provide therapeutic services.

Project Parachute is site started by a psychologist in private practice to help connect those who are able to offer pro-bono therapy at this time to health care professionals serving on the frontlines. Provided by Mental Health America, Eleos Health, and the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, you can sign up as a provider and get matched with someone who needs a therapist in the same state. The site only matches providers who are in the same state as the client, but it is still a really great resource if you are looking for a way to contribute.

To sign up, simply go to Project Parachute | Pro Bono Therapy for Health Care Professionals and click the button, "I'm a therapist." Follow the rest of the instructions to be added to their list of therapists. An FAQ about Project Parachute can also be found here.

For other volunteer opportunities, check out Illinois Helps.

For more COVID-19–related news resources, go to the chapter COVID-19 Updates page.

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