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2020 NASW-Illinois Chapter Endorsements

The National Association of Social Workers, Illinois Chapter (NASW-IL) endorsements have been announced! The endorsements were made based on questionnaire responses from the candidates, personal interactions, and/or additional factors like policy positions and viability.

  • Senate 10th District: Robert F. Martwick

  • Senate 13th District: Robert Peters

  • Senate 22nd District: Cristina Castro

  • Representative, 1st District: Aaron M. Ortiz

  • Representative, 2nd District: Theresa Mah

  • Representative, 3rd District: Nidia Carranza

  • Representative, 9th District: Lakesia Collins

  • Representative, 16th District: Denyse Wang Stoneback

  • Representative, 19th District: Lindsey LaPointe (NASW-IL Member)

  • Representative, 26th District: Kambium Buckner

  • Representative, 27th District: Justin Slaughter

  • Representative, 32nd District: André Thapedi

  • Representative, 41st District: Denika McMillen, LCSW

  • Representative, 45th District: Maggie Trevor

  • Representative, 83rd District: Barbara Hernandez

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