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Ask NASW-IL: Will this remote program be accepted for CEUs by IDFPR?

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With the removal of the in-person continuing education requirement by Illinois Department of Financial & Professional Regulation (IDFPR) in July 2023, the marketplace of educational options available to social workers has expanded. However, with this array of options made available, a question many have been asking is whether an online course will be accepted by IDFPR for continuing education units (CEUs).


According to IDFPR, in order to utilize any remote program for CEUs in Illinois, the program MUST include an examination. A remote program as defined by IDFPR, may be a “…self-study, book-study, or computer/online based course.” Therefore, if you take ANY remote program for CEUs for the renewal of an Illinois social work license, the CEUs from that course cannot be utilized unless the program includes an examination.

What remote programs are eligible for CEUs in Illinois?

All NASW-Illinois, NASW-Nevada, and NASW-North Dakota Chapter live virtual trainings include an examination and are therefore eligible for CEUs in Illinois.


All recorded courses in the NASW Social Work Online CE Institute will also be accepted in Illinois if you complete our post-event Social Work Online CE Institute Exam for IL License. Please note this form will validate courses taken from the Social Work Online CE Institute for those who hold Illinois social work licenses only (LSW or LCSW).

What if I take a remote program from an entity NOT the NASW-Illinois/Nevada/North Dakota Chapters or the Social Work Online CE Institute?

To find out if another provider is an approved CEU provider for the state of Illinois, check with IDFPR. Additionally, you will need to check with the provider to find out if they have fulfilled all remote program requirements to provide CEUs in the state of Illinois, including the requirement to have an exam for all remote programs.


Looking for More Events?

For a full list of all NASW-Illinois, Nevada, and North Dakota Chapters trainings that include both upcoming live virtual trainings as well as our recorded trainings in the Social Work Online CE Institute, go to:


Looking for More About CEU Requirements?

For more about the CEU requirements for the current 2023–2025 licensure cycle, visit our CEU Requirements page which answers so many other questions about licensure renewal and specialty CEU trainings requirements.


What are the requirements for the examination?

To find out requirements for the examination required for all remote programs, all educators should contact Illinois Department of Financial & Professional Regulation (IDFPR) to clarify their requirements.


Have More Questions? If you have more questions about remote program requirements, contact the Illinois Department of Financial & Professional Regulation (IDFPR).

The NASW-Illinois Chapter website also has a plethora of free information relating to licensure including licensure steps, renewal requirements, and CEU requirements. Go to the NASW-IL Licensure page to read more.

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