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March 2023 - Jane Addams District Update

Sarah Birdsill, LCSW, Jane Addams District Chair

Hi everyone! I would like to introduce myself as the new NASW-IL Jane Addams District Chair! My name is Sarah Birdsill, and I work as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker specializing in women’s mental health at the Department of Veterans Affairs. Each day I can serve others is an adventure of gaining new knowledge and experience. My social work and mental health adventure began after I earned a master's of social work from USC in 2017. I worked in a few different post-graduate social work environments including a hospital, community mental health, and private practice. During these employment experiences, I learned my passion is mental health. During my employment with the Department of Veterans Affairs, I have become increasingly interested in policy and advocacy. I became inspired to pursue my doctorate in public administration to drive positive change within the VA leadership structures. The motto I love and find inspiring comes from the poem, “Still I Rise,” by Maya Angelou. No matter what, still I rise!

As your new chair, I am here for you! Please reach out with any questions or concerns you have. There will be more information coming in upcoming events in the Jane Addams District!

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