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NASW-IL Advocacy at Work: SB0671 - Extend IL Telehealth through 2020

This past week, SB0671 (House Floor Amendment No. 1 & 2) was pushed through the house. This bill would allow the state to extend the executive orders on telehealth through the end of the year. This is a core issue the NASW-Illinois Chapter has been advocating for but unfortunately, the senate ran out of time and was unable to pass the bill.

We'd like to thank the Mental Health Working Group in the Illinois House of Representatives—especially Representative Deb Conroy—for pushing SB0671 (House Floor Amendment No. 1 & 2) through the house this past week. If you are a resident in the representative's district (46th District), please consider contacting her to thank her for her support of this bill.

The NASW-Illinois Chapter will continue to work with the governor and our legislators to advocate for a permanent solution to make sure telehealth is done in a secure and accessible way (including payment parity and protections from out of state practitioners). Consider supporting our efforts by becoming a member today. Find out more about joining NASW here or click here to join.

You can check the status of the bill here.

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