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NASW-Illinois Chapter Announces 2022 Illinois Primary Election Endorsements

CHICAGO, IL—The National Association of Social Workers, Illinois Chapter (NASW-IL), announces its endorsements for the upcoming 2022 primary election. While every election seems pivotal, the upcoming 2022 elections will greatly determine the future of social work and human services in Illinois. Many of the crucial decisions that impact funding for human services, reforms for DCFS and DOC, and protections for our clients in the state will be made by leaders elected by Illinois citizens next month and in the fall. Therefore, it is crucial to endorse candidates who support legislation and policies consistent with the goals of the social work profession. We also have a record total of five social workers/MSWs currently on the ballot, three of whom have competitive primary races. With a mental health crisis growing due to the pandemic and a state struggling to deal with violence deeply rooted in inequities and trauma, there has never been a better time for social workers to be in office.

The below list of endorsements were made by NASW-Illinois Chapter Political Action Committee (NASW-IL PAC) members based on questionnaire responses from the candidates, personal interactions, and/or additional factors like policy positions and viability.

Senator Omar Aquino – 2nd Senate

Senator Robert Martwick – 10th Senate

Senator Celina Villanueva – 12th Senate

La'Mont Williams – 16th Senate

Lilian Jimenez – 4th Representative

Sonya Harper – 6th Representative

Eileen Dordek – 13th Representative – LCSW, NASW-IL Member

Kevin Olickal – 16th Representative

Rep. Lindsey LaPointe – 19th Representative – MSW, NASW-IL Member

Rep. Michael Zalewski – 23rd Representative

Rep. Curtis Tarver, II – 25th Representative

Rep. Justin Slaughter – 27th Representative

Rep. Will Davis – 30th Representative

Chelsea Laliberte Barnes – 51st Representative – LSW, NASW-IL Member

Laura Faver Dias – 62nd Representative

Kathleen Willis – 77th Representative

Tim Butler – 95th Representative

Additional endorsements may still be forthcoming and will be posted on the NASW-Illinois website as they occur.


The NASW-IL PAC is the nonpartisan political arm of the National Association of Social Workers-Illinois Chapter. As a political action committee, NASW IL PAC endorse and financially contribute to candidates from any party who support NASW’s policy agenda. The national PACE Board of Trustees endorses and contributes to federal candidates running for U.S. House and Senate seats; state chapter PAC units decide on local and state races.

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