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September 2023 - Student Network SIG Update

Hello Students,

I hope you are all doing well as the school year is now in session. The NASW-IL Chapter wants to reach out about our student network for the 2023–2024 school year. The NASW-IL Student Network Shared Interest Group (SIG) is set up for you to get information about student events, be a bridge for you to contact the chapter for questions, and possible collaborations (e.g. virtual/in-person talks about NASW membership, licensing, and other topics that the chapter can do at your school).

This is an amazing opportunity to be the connection of your campus and student body to the NASW-Illinois Chapter. In this network, graduate NASW-IL Intern Kara Wagner will be your main resource to contact with questions or possible collaborations.

Students who are interested in participating in the NASW-IL Student Network SIG, please fill out the following application: If you have questions, you can contact the NASW-IL Intern Kara Wagner at

Looking forward to seeing your application!

In gratitude,

Kara Wagner


The NASW-Illinois Chapter Student Network Shared Interest Group (SIG) is active during the academic school year and provides support and networking opportunities to Illinois social work students. To get involved in the SIG, contact the NASW-Illinois Chapter.

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