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World Elder Abuse Awareness Day 2023: Building Strong Support for Elders

Updated: Jun 14, 2023

By Chris Herman, MSW, LICSW, Senior Practice Associate–Aging

World Elder Abuse Awareness Day (WEAAD) is observed on June 15 each year with three goals:

  • increasing awareness about elder abuse (which can include neglect, financial abuse or exploitation, and physical, sexual, or emotional–psychological abuse)

  • fostering action by individuals, organizations, and communities to identify, prevent, and address elder abuse

  • reaffirming our society’s commitment to the principle of justice for all

The 2023 WEAAD theme is Building Strong Support for Elders. This year, WEAAD is part of a broader observance, WEAAD Week, observed June 9 through 16 and led by the federally funded National Center on Elder Abuse (NCEA). This NASW Tips & Tools for Social Workers publication addresses the following topics, most of which are relevant throughout the year:

  • relevance of elder abuse to you as a social worker, regardless of your practice specialty or setting

  • information every social worker needs to know about elder abuse

  • significance of the WEAAD theme

  • free, nationwide virtual events occurring on WEAAD and throughout the month of June

  • other ways in which social workers can participate in WEAAD Week

  • NASW activities to prevent and address elder abuse

  • invitation to tell NASW how you are working to prevent and address elder abuse

  • resources from NCEA, NASW, and other organizations to help you work for elder justice throughout the year

Read the rest of the full "Tips & Tools for Social Workers" article here.

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