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April 2020 - Northeastern District Update

Lynn Zakeri, Northeastern District Chair

Northeastern Update- Lynn Zakeri Oh boy! Please know as I type this that I am thinking about you. You, social worker, parent, son, daughter, friend, spouse, loved one...human. I know you have a lot of ups and downs and a lot of thoughts, because, well, you are human. I want you to know I am thinking about you. I am typing this before our Zoom Call on April 3rd, and if it goes well, I am looking forward to facilitating this for you again and for others. I think we need what our clients need, because, again, that human thing. I know we keep hearing that we need to take care of ourselves while we take care of others. I also know we know that, but it sometimes feels like there is not enough time. I challenge each and every one of you to articulate one silver lining you have found thus far. One. And the only requirement is that it is personal. About YOU. This is a more personal update. Thanks for reading it and allowing me to connect with you during this time when connections are vital.

Be well.


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