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May 2023 - Northeastern District Update

Updated: May 4, 2023

Jacki Brunk, LCSW, Northeastern District Chair

Welcome to the monthly district update for the Northeast District! As I write this update, I’m watching the rain and wind pelt against my house and am thankful it’s not snow! But I know summer is on the horizon because I can see (through the rain) the budding trees and the blooming flowers of spring. I hope everyone is enjoying the many seasons we experience here in northern Illinois, and have found ways to cope with the many moods that accompany the seasons!

I’m looking forward to serving two more years as your district chair! As always, please reach out to me with comments, questions and/or suggestions about the information NASW shares with you. I’ll continue to schedule CEU events throughout the year, and want to hear from you regarding topics or speakers that interest you.

I’m pleased to announce a virtual event hosted by our district on June 6th from 9:00-11:00am, titled “Social Isolation Among Older Adults: Why It Matters & Effective Interventions”. Prior to COVID-19, a silent epidemic was already raging: social isolation among older adults. The pandemic has now greatly exacerbated the already well-documented impacts of isolation and loneliness on the physical and mental health of older adults. This presentation will provide an overview of research on the impact of social isolation on older adults and provide ideas for support and intervention to mitigate the negative impact. Our presenter, Sharon Dornberg-Lee, LCSW is currently Manager of Counseling Services & Public Affairs Liaison at CJE SeniorLife. You can register for this event at the link below:

Be sure to read below for important information related to CEUs, licensure and training requirements for social workers.

Photo of professional woman Jacki Brunk, NASW-IL Northeastern District Chair, in green sweater and red glasses
Jacki Brunk, LCSW, NASW-IL Northeastern District Chair


Rules Filed to Remove In-Person CE Requirement

As much as we’d love to report an update, there is still nothing new to announce with regards to the department’s removal of the in-person CE requirement for licensure. Please continue to share our last article (with update) about the removal. Read it here: If/when new rules have ben adopted, rest assured that we will post an update to the NASW-Illinois Chapter community in MyNASW as well as the NASW-Illinois Chapter News page:

March 2023: NASW-Illinois Chapter Advocacy Update

As we approach the final weeks of the spring Illinois legislative session, you can check out some of the legislation that the NASW-Illinois Chapter has been either working on to address issues with or supporting. Read the full article here:

Ask NASW-IL: Can a CEU course fulfill 2 CEU specialties at once?

Illinois Department of Financial & Professional Regulation (IDFPR) renewal requirements for the current 2021–2023 licensure cycle increased with the addition of new training requirements (implicit bias awareness, mandated reporter with a section on implicit bias, and Alzheimer's disease and other dementias) in addition to the previous requirements (ethics and cultural competency). Due to the potential overlap in training topics, it's possible that a CEU course may appear to cover topics applicable to two specialty CEU requirements, such as cultural competency and ethics; or a training on mandated reporter with implicit bias might appear to fulfill the implicit bias training requirement. As such, members have been asking the chapter: Can you use one course to fulfill more than one specialty CEU requirement? Read more here:

Other Chapter News

· NASW opposes anti-LGBTQIA2S+ legislation:

· Social Work Profession One Step Closer to Interstate Licensure Compact:

· Ask NASW-IL: Will this course count for CEUs in Illinois? -

· February 14, 2023 Update on the Social Work Interstate Compact:

For more news, go to the NASW-Illinois Chapter News page:

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