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Ask NASW-IL: Has there been any update on removal of the in-person requirement for licensure?

Updated: Jul 19, 2023

Update: The state officially removed the in-person requirement July 2023. To learn more goto:

This February, we shared news that Illinois Department of Financial & Professional Regulation (IDFPR) officials informed us that a proposal had been drafted to entirely remove the in-person continuing education requirement from licensure renewal. The rule then entered a period for public comment, and we are now waiting for the new rule to be voted on and passed, at which point, the in-person requirement for continuing education will be completely removed as a licensure requirement for LSWs and LCSWs.

The only news we have to share is that there is no news—we are still awaiting notice by the department on the rule change, and as many things relating to the state, we must continue to wait until there is something to announce. Alternatively you can check on the progress yourself and read the weekly JCAR Flinn Report to see the announcement if/when rules have been adopted.

UPDATE 06/15/23: The department has been telling our members that they will be removing the in-person requirement this cycle but until rules have been officially adopted and changed, we are unable to report any update on the removal of the in-person requirement.

UPDATE 07/05/23: JCAR has posted 2nd notice of the upcoming rule change. There were no substantive changes to the proposed rule which is tentatively scheduled to be considered by JCAR later this month on July 18th in Chicago.

If/when the new rule has been officially adopted and the in-person CEU requirement has been officially removed, we will send out notification as soon as we know. If you haven't already, make sure you are subscribed to receiving NASW-Illinois Chapter e-mails as well as subscribed to the NASW-Illinois Chapter community in MyNASW (NASW members only).


Have More Questions? All specific questions concerning licensure and individual licenses or a particular license application needs to be properly directed to IDFPR as they are ultimately the licensing board who approve of licenses for Illinois. The NASW-Illinois Chapter website also has a plethora of information relating to licensure, from supervision requirements, the licensing process, testing procedures, and more. Go to the NASW-IL Licensure page to read more.

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