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August 2023 - Chicago District Update

Michael Mallory, MSW, LCSW, Chicago District Chair

Hello fellow social workers!

I hope all of you have been enjoying the summer and are not feeling too sad hearing the cicadas starting their end of summer song. As we inch closer to the fall, that means many of us are nearing licensure renewal and with the pressure of renewal, I bring good news!

A few weeks ago, we received notice that IDFPR has officially removed the in-person CE requirement! I know this was an exciting update to receive, and I hope it alleviates some of the anxious energy surrounding CE requirements. To read more about this update, please click here. As a reminder, there are some new CE requirements during this renewal period and with the late renewal period during the last cycle, there is a stipulation that any CEs earned during that extended cycle would not count toward this cycle. I highly recommend that you review our website for more information—click here.

Speaking of CEs and requirements—I am so excited to share that the NASW-IL Chicago District will be partnering with the Calumet District to host an implicit bias training on September 12th. This training will be focused on fatness as identity and the inherent bias that the medical field struggles with in treating individuals of size. For more information about the event, please visit the sign up page here.

Photo of NASW-IL Chicago District Chair Michael Mallory, MSW, LCSW
NASW-IL Chicago District Chair Michael Mallory, MSW, LCSW

One last piece of news is that our chapter awards nomination period has been extended until August 17th. If you or someone you know is a leader in our field, please consider nominating them for one of our awards. To read more about the award categories please click here.

Humbly yours,


Advocacy / Legislative Updates:

Please see our current updates HERE.

Licensure Renewal Updates

IDFPR removes in-person CE requirement! While this is exciting it’s important to remember that there are other new requirements for this renewal period. For more information click HERE.

Upcoming NASW-IL Events:

September 12th – Implicit Bias CE opportunity: Fatness as Identity

Join both the Chicago and Calumet districts for this in-person training that will utilize an intersectional and fat justice perspective to explore fatness as identity from macro, mezzo, and micro perspectives. This will be an interactive training that will examine academic and medical studies, pp culture, and diverse media sources to explore the origins of anti-fatness and fa discrimination through consideration of implicit bias. Please register here.

NASW Chapter Conference:

Registration for the November conference has gone live. The Illinois chapter will be joining forces with North Dakota and Nevada to host this conference. For more information and to register please click here.

Student Loan Forgiveness:

While we did not receive a broader reaching loan forgiveness opportunity there have been other efforts from our government leaders to address student loan debt in the nation. That said, the implementation of the SAVE repayment plan is a way that the government is attempting to address student loan debt. Please review the student aid website for further information. Click here.

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