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Cigna Health Re-Evaluates Fee Schedule for Psychotherapy Reimbursement

Rob Smith, LCSW

NASW-Illinois Chapter Insurance Task Force Member

Thank you for being a member of the National Association of Social Workers, Illinois Chapter (NASW-IL). Membership dollars allow us to advocate for you and the counseling profession. Below are the results of the hard work and effort put forth by the chapter in renegotiating Cigna’s fee schedule for psychotherapy reimbursement.

The Illinois Counseling Association Insurance Task Force partnered with the National Association of Social Workers, Illinois Chapter (NASW-IL) to address Cigna's Health Insurance fee schedule for psychotherapy reimbursement. We are pleased to announce that after a year of ongoing dialogue with Cigna's Provider Operations Contracting Director, Cigna has agreed to revise their fee schedule to more adequately compensate LCPCs and LCSWs in Illinois.

Now solo and group practices that are already credentialed and contracted with Cigna can e-mail and ask for the new fee schedule. Depending on your present Cigna fee schedule, the new fee schedule could mean a substantial increase. For those solo and group practices who recently became credentialed and contracted with Cigna, you do not need to wait two years to be considered for a fee increase. We were told Cigna will waive the two-year requirement.

Please know that once you are offered the new fee schedule, you can request increased compensation for specific CPT codes based on your niche, location, or other experience.

To request the new fee schedule, e-mail with your practice information including name, address, Tax ID, and NPI to Cigna at: and request the new fee schedule. This should take no longer than 40 to 45 days (please keep track). Once you agree to the increase, it should take no longer than 40 to 45 days till you receive the increase (watch those EOBs).

For those who have not contracted with Cigna because of their historically low reimbursement rates, you can apply and determine if the new fee schedule is satisfactory.

*Please be aware that Cigna is being flooded with requests from providers.

The Insurance Task Force would like to thank Cigna for their cooperation in adjusting their fee schedule.

ICA and NASW-IL Insurance Task Force

Jennifer Froemel, LCPC, CMHIMP

Norman Dasenbrook, LCPC

Danielle Kepler, LCPC

Francesca Giordano, PhD, LCPC

Sandra Kakacek, LCPC

Robert Smith, LCSW

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