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December 2020 - Jane Addams District Update

Patricia Schofield, Jane Addams District Chair

Season’s Greetings, Jane Addams District Members!

Welcome to all new and renewing members. Thank you for your continued support of NASW and its mission.

I am happy so many of you were able to attend the 2020 NASW-Illinois Chapter Virtual Conference: Rethinking Ethics. The feedback has been great. So thankful our chapter takes the time to put together such valuable trainings.

Due to the pandemic in 2021, all CEU events will be provided at the Chapter level and no longer by the distract chair. Starting January 1, 2021, the NASW-Illinois Chapter will be suspending district-specific education and will be working with our board to plan more statewide virtual offerings. District chairs will remain essential in providing speaker and topic suggestions to the chapter—this will help to ensure a diverse array of speakers from around the state as well as a variety in topics that appeal to all of our members. This change is only until December 1, 2021, or until it is safe to resume in-person education.

If you are interested in presenting for the NASW-Illinois Chapter, please submit your presentation proposal through our Volunteer Speaker Application:

During 2021 as district chair, I plan to host four non-CEU free networking virtual events to allow for district members to get to know each other and exchange information. Please contact me with your ideas or suggestion for discussion topics.

Updates on Licensure Renewal & Telehealth Practice During COVID-19

  • Telehealth Services Extended in Illinois through December 12, 2020:

  • NASW-IL Efforts Successful in Getting In-Person CEU Requirements Waived by IDFPR:

  • Recent updates on licensure requirements for the 2021 cycle:

  • Recent Updates on Telehealth Practice in IL:

  • In-Person CEU Waiver:

May each of you enjoy a safe, and peaceful holiday season.


Patricia Schofield

Jane Addams District Chair


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