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December 2021 - Jane Addams District Update

Patricia Schofield, Jane Addams District Chair

Season’s greetings, Jane Addams District Members!

Already, it’s that holiday time of the year. I wish all of you a joyous December. Welcome to all new and renewing members. Thank you for your continued support of NASW-IL.

At this time last year, we were thinking the end of the year may bring the end of the pandemic, but we were wrong. As we bring 2021 to a close, I pray for the protection of all and an end to the pandemic in the new year.

As district chair, let me remind you that we are always looking for presenters on a variety of topics. If you are interested in presenting for the NASW-Illinois Chapter, please submit your presentation proposal through our Volunteer Speaker Application:

I’m certain most of you already are aware that IDFPR provided several changes to the 2019–2021 licensure cycle. The deadline to renew and obtain CEUs for the current licensure cycle beginning on December 1, 2019, has been extended to February 28, 2022. To print a copy of your license with the new extended February 28, 2022, expiration date, follow these steps:

  • Go to the IDFPR website:

  • Under the Professional Regulation tab, click on License Look-Up.

  • Under License Type, select Social Worker, then type in your last name. Click Search.

  • Identify your license record, then click the blue Detail button. Your license should now reflect the extended 02/28/2022 expiration deadline.

LSW and LCSW Renewal is Now Active on IDFPR Renewal Portal. If you have all your required CEUs, you may renew right now. Website:

I’m recruiting a volunteer for the next Jane Addams District Chair. Please consider stepping up to this position. Believe me when I say my experience over the last 4 years has been very rewarding as well as educational. Other positions open include president-elect, secretary, chairs in the Calumet, Chicago, Southern, and (of course) Jane Addams District, member at-large, and undergraduate and graduate student reps. To find out more about these open positions, take a look at our 2022 NASW-Illinois Chapter Board Leadership Recruitment Packet or contact the chapter to request a nomination form! The deadline is March 1, 2022, for all nominations.

May each of you enjoy a safe, and peaceful holiday season.


Patricia Schofield

Jane Addams District Chair


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