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IL Rep Hirschauer moves to amend School Safety Drill Act to protect students

Updated: May 28, 2021

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SPRINGFIELD—Illinois State Representative Maura Hirschauer pushed forth legislation today that would amend the current School Safety Drill Act to allow for necessary reforms to better protect Illinois students.

Sponsored by Illinois State Representative Maura Hirschauer and co-sponsored by State Representative Terra Costa Howard, House Bill 2400 would reform Illinois' current active shooter drills in school by enacting the following:

  • Eliminate live action simulation drills while students are present

  • Require walkthrough lockdown drills be trauma-informed, age appropriate, and utilize mental health staff in planning and implementation

  • Require schools to notify parents of a law enforcement drill and create an opt-out for any reason.

  • Require schools to announce drills beforehand and allow students to ask questions throughout.

This NASW-Illinois Chapter initiative has passed the Illinois House of Representatives and now moves to the Senate.

Thank you to State Representative Maura Hirschauer and State Rep. Terra Costa Howard for their leadership in getting this bill through the Illinois House.

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