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May 2019 - Chicago District Update

Updated: Jul 23, 2019

Rosanelly Garcia

Get Excited Chicago!!! International Speaker Tonier Cain will guest speak for one day only!!!!

Tonier Cain-Muldrow is a trauma survivor and internationally recognized trauma informed care expert. Tonier's work has focused on heightening awareness of the characteristics and effects of trauma. She travels internationally to educate and inform audiences of how to best work with trauma survivors and discusses her own tale of struggle, hope and unyielding resilience.

Tonier's story is raw and uncensored. For two decades, Tonier Cain (aka “Neen”) hustled on the streets of Annapolis, Maryland where she racked up 66 criminal convictions and 83arrests. She experienced drug addiction while often facing sexual assault and domestic violence. Tonier’s home was underneath a bridge or in a jail cell. In 2004, Tonier found herself pregnant and incarcerated for violation of parole. However her story would change when she was provided the opportunity to go to a community trauma, mental health and addictions program. Feeling safe for the first time in her life, Neen confronted the haunting childhood memories that she tried to numb with drugs. Realizing for the first time that she had been a victim, she began to heal and reclaim power over her life, embarking on a remarkable “upward spiral,” that has no limit.

Fast forward to today, Tonier has developed a non-profit organization talk show, radio show and her message of hope, resilience, faith and tenacity is shared to individuals around the world.

Chicago NASW we want you here!!!     To register:

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