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November 2019 - Northeastern District Update

Lynn Zakeri, Northeastern District Chair

I am looking towards this winter season with excitement of all NASW is bringing! I think our conference this month has a fantastic lineup of choices--it will be hard to choose which workshops to attend. If you have not yet signed up, it is not too late!

I am also finalizing two events. They are not open for registration yet, but save the dates of December 6th on young adults and attachment, and January 24th for an ethics event. Details coming very soon, I promise!

I just renewed my license (our licenses expire 11/30). It took about 1 minute--really easy! Here is more info in case you still have to do it:

As always, if you want to host an event, suggest a speaker or offer any feedback, send me an email. I always enjoy hearing from other members.


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