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Updates on Telehealth Practice During COVID-19

Updated: Mar 24

As social work practitioners have begun to adjust to social work practice via telehealth platforms, a question we’ve been receiving from a lot of members asks what rules there are in relation to whether a practitioner can still see a client while being in different states or a different state from where they are licensed. Below are resources and information pertaining to both—all information is up-to-date at the time of publishing.

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Can I see clients who reside in different states?

We shared a helpful resource in mid-April 2020—a state-by-state guide to the rules and laws about telehealth services across state lines. This spreadsheet resource provided information on the status of rules/laws in all 50 states plus the District of Columbia for mental health practitioners including social workers. To access the guide, click here. This living document can help in clarifying whether a practitioner in one state is able to practice across state lines. NOTE: Information provided was not compiled by individuals with any special knowledge about the rules or laws of any state and it is only meant to be used as a starting place in your independent determination about whether to proceed working with an existing or future client/patient in another state.

If I am licensed in Illinois and my client resides in Illinois, could I continue to see my client via telehealth if I am (temporarily) in a different state than Illinois?

According to the Illinois Department of Professional and Financial Regulation (IDFPR), social workers who are licensed in Illinois may continue to see clients via telehealth from different states. For example, if you are licensed in Illinois and your client is in Illinois, you may go to a different state and continue to see your client via telehealth. For further questions on what is and isn’t allowed by IDFPR with regards to practice, contact IDFPR directly.

How much longer will Governor J. B. Pritzker’s Executive Order 2020-09 about the expansion of telehealth services be extended?

From conversations the chapter has had the governor’s office, the governor plans to renew the telehealth executive orders through October 17, 2020. As renewals can only happen month to month, we will continue to advocate for telehealth executive order renewal far beyond September. Check the status on the governor’s executive orders monthly to see which executive orders are renewed each month.

More about telehealth:

What about the licensing requirements for the 2021 licensure cycle? Do I still need to get in-person CEUs?

For the latest updates on requirements for the 2021 licensure renewal deadline, please read our recent article, “Updates on 2021 Licensure Renewal.” We will continue to update our members on the NASW Illinois board within the MyNASW Community and the chapter website as information is passed along to us.

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