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From the Pen of the Executive Director: May 2024

Joel L. Rubin, MSW, LSW, ACSW, CAE

NASW-Illinois Chapter Executive Director

NASW-Illinois Chapter Executive Director, Joel L. Rubin, LSW, ACSW, CAE

After five years away, this year's 2024 NASW-Illinois Chapter Advocacy Day took place in person again in our state capitol on April 16, 2024, debuting a new format that was originally proposed in 2020 but ran into the COVID detour. We had 25 students who were trained as NASW-IL Lobby Leaders the day before the event to lead groups of students from 15 statewide schools of social work. This new format was very successful with much to build on for next year. A complete summary of can be found on our website here.

With approximately one more month left in this year’s legislative session, you can follow NASW-IL activity by checking our new bill tracker. Read more about this new product here.

Thanks to the many of you who voted in chapter elections last month, the results of which will be announced to our News page in early May. If you are interested in the future in being part of the chapter’s leadership team, don't hesitate to reach out to me.

Congratulations to the social work class of 2024! For those graduating with your MSWs, we encourage all of you to apply for your LSW before graduation as it will reduce the wait time to receive your license and, if you apply before June 30th, your licensing fee will be waived. We look forward to strengthening our ranks with your membership in the association and involvement in the future.

May and June will be active months in the association. Please keep up to date with NASW IL events on social media and our website.

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