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January 2021 - Northeastern District Update

Lynn Zakeri, Northeastern District Chair

January 2021. We waited a long time to see this date, and now that we are here, there is so much more we need. As social workers, I know you, like me, are tired of waiting. I see you, fighting and advocating, and I stand tall with you as social workers.

I wanted to remind you to sign up for MyNASW. Are you wondering how you can become involved? What CEU requirements look like? What our local chapter is doing about social justice? Or how COVID-19 is affecting our work? It is all here, and if you can’t find your answer, a quick post will likely get you a response by a colleague or by NASW-IL with an answer. Here is an example of a post. This one is on licensure renewal:

There are no CEU events scheduled for our district in particular, but never fear! NASW-IL has many events you can sign up for and attend virtually, and of course still at the same NASW member fee you have always enjoyed. Please let me know of any speakers or topics you would like me to suggest to our district to pursue! With that being said, if another informal virtual gathering feels helpful to process all we have going on, please let me know and I will get that on the calendar ASAP. You can send me an email at

Take care of yourself this month, as you take care of so many others.


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