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Telehealth Services Extended in Illinois through July 24, 2021

The governor's COVID-19 Executive Order No. 71 has been extended for another month through July 24, 2021. This executive order includes an extension of Executive Order No. 9 (COVID-19 Executive Order No. 7) which expanded telehealth services during COVID-19.

As reported in our latest article at the end of the 2021 Legislative Session, House Bill 3308 (HB3308) has passed both the Illinois House and Senate and is currently awaiting the governor’s signature. HB3308 ensures that many of the temporary telehealth allowances that took place during COVID-19 will be made permanent, ensuring that all Illinoisans will have continued access to innovative telehealth services. HB3308 was an initiative of the Coalition to Protect Telehealth of which the NASW-Illinois Chapter was a member.

In the meanwhile, the governor’s executive order continues to be renewed on a month-to-month basis. Please check back with the NASW-Illinois Chapter “News” page for the latest telehealth services extension date.

To verify whether the telehealth executive order is renewed, following these steps:

  1. Look for: "Reissues Executive Orders," and click the link for the order.

  2. Under "Part 1: Re-Issue of Executive Orders," look for the following: 2020-09

The NASW-Illinois Chapter will continue to monitor and advocate with officials and state leaders about issues pertaining to our membership. If you aren’t already a member, consider supporting our efforts by becoming a member today. Find out more about joining NASW here or click here to join.

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