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January 2022 - Chicago District Update

Michael Mallory, Chicago District Chair

Good Day, Chicago!

Cheers to a New Year, I hope all of you had a lovely and restorative holiday season. Despite the rocky start to 2022 with the COVID-19 surge I am hopeful that this year may lead toward lighter days. As we venture into the year there are a few critical items to be mindful of:

Licensure Renewal:

As a reminder, licensure renewals are due by 2/28/2022. I highly recommend that folx attempt to renew as soon as possible as I have been hearing of challenges with the online portal and delays in technical assistance from the state. Therefore, the quicker you discover an issue, the more time you have to correct it.

For those who may need to produce proof of an updated license reflecting the February expiration, you can access proof through the IDFPR licensure look-up feature. For more information about this, please click HERE.

Those of you concerned about your CEU balance, please consider reviewing the standards put forth by IDFPR by checking out NASW-IL’s website. [Click HERE to review] Please remember that the state is requiring that all licensed folx complete sexual harassment and mandated reporting trainings. If you find yourself short of CEUs, you can always check out NASW-IL’s repository of trainings. To access this library, please click here. Additionally, our chapter is hosting a cultural competency–eligible CEU event later this month.

Legislation and Social Work:

Federal Rule to Prevent Surprise Health Care Billing - Application to Clinical Social Work Services (Good Faith Estimate)

Under a new federal rule to protect consumers from surprise health care bills, clinical social workers (CSW) and other health care provider types must, effective January 1, 2022, provide a good faith estimate (GFE) of expected charges that may be billed for items and services to individuals who are uninsured (e.g., not enrolled in any health plan or coverage) or who are self-pay (e.g., not seeking to file a claim with their plan or coverage). The GFE must be provided both orally and in writing, upon request or at the time of scheduling health care items and services, and within specific timeframes. For more information click HERE

NASW-IL Employment Opportunity:

The NASW-IL office is seeking a new Event and Education Coordinator as our beloved Simone left to pursue a wonderful new opportunity. I encourage those who are interested to apply! For more information about the position please click HERE

Join the NASW-IL Board of Directors!

We are beginning our open call to members to join the 2022 NASW-Illinois Chapter Board of Directors! We are seeking applicants to several positions on the board including president-elect, secretary, chairs in the Calumet, Chicago, Jane Addams, and Southern District, member at-large, and undergraduate and graduate student reps. To find out more about these open positions, take a look at our 2022 NASW-Illinois Chapter Board Leadership Recruitment Packet or contact the chapter to request a nomination form! The deadline is March 1, 2022, for all nominations.

Thank you all for your continued dedication to the important work we all do.



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